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Summaries of Research Conducted with LeafSourceTM

Conducted at Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy

Atlanta, Georgia

August 1999

I. Evaluate the Effects of LeafSourceTM on acute inflammatory response.


This experiment was carried out to determine if LeafSourceTM possess any anti-inflammatory activity when administered chronically by mouth.

Results and Discussion

The concentration of LeafSourceTM produced statistical significant inhibition of hind paw inflammation of approximately 27%. These results suggest that there is some component of LeafSourceTM that is producing an anti-inflammatory effect on acute inflammation.


II. Further evaluate the effect of LeafSourceTM on carrageenan edema in rats and to determine if LeafSourceTM will affect the anti-inflammatory activity of a known compound, indomethacin (Indocin®)


This experiment was carried out to confirm our previous results on acute inflammation and to determine if LeafSourceTM can enhance the effects of a known anti-inflammatory compound. If so, then lower, less toxic doses of the anti-inflammatory compound can be used to treat inflammation in a person also taking this nontoxic LeafSourceTM without producing the widely known adverse side-effects associated with their (NSAID) use.

Results and Discussion

LeafSourceTM again produced approximately a 30% inhibition of the hind paw swelling which was statistically significant. This degree of inhibition was similar to that observed in our earlier experiment. Obtaining 25 to 30% inhibition of carrageen is pretty remarkable. In this same experiment, we selected a dose of indomethacin (3 mg/kg) that would produce approximately 50% inhibition of carrageenan edema. This was done so that we could determine if LeafSourceTM could enhance the activity of this well know anti-inflammatory drug. The percentage inhibition of the carrageenan edema with indomethacin alone was 52.2% whereas it was 66.8%when the same dose of indomethacin was administered to the animals fed LeafSourceTM. This represents a 28% increase in the anti-inflammatory activity compared to the indomethacin alone suggesting a benefit of giving this combination to patients with inflammation!


III. Evaluate the effect of LeafSourceTM on chronic, immunologically induced inflammatory response-adjuvant-induced polyarthritis in rats.


To determine if LeafSourceTM is capable of inhibiting a chronic inflammatory response mediated by cellular immunity. This response is quite different from carageenan edema which is not mediated by immune mechanisms.

Results and Discussion

LeafSourceTM produced a statistically significant inhibition of the arthogram score and hind paw swelling. These results suggest that LeafSourceTM is capable of producing a significant inhibitory effect on adjuvant arthritis in rats. This beneficial effect was observed in both the arthogram scores and the hind paw volumes. This same concentration of LeafSourceTM was also shown to reduce inflammation in carrageenan edema.

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